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My Story

Are you struggling with dependency to alcohol or drugs, or with some other problem?  I want to say to you: "Don't give up hope!  God wants to help you!"

During childhood, I was shy and reserved for no apparent reason.  I was growing very fast, always head and shoulders above everyone else in my age group. I felt ashamed because of it.

At fifteen, alcohol came into my life.  I had found something that provided me with courage, strength and self-reliance.  Alcohol is a sneaky substance, requiring greater and greater amounts to reach the desired effect.  I drank for 32 years, deteriorating my mental and physical health, slowly destroying every aspect of my life.  My wife and son suffered by my side (how they coped, I've no idea).

In 1975 I tried to break free from alcohol, but it was a futile effort. I sobered up in 1984.  I remained sober for eight years,  until yielding to temptation in September 1992.  I drank non-stop all day.  It frightened me terribly; must I go through the same hell once again? However, God knew what I was going through.  He provided me the right person at the right time.  Through this person the Lord gave me deliverance.

During the fall of 1992 I was rapidly growing closer to Jesus.  Things were happening!  One dark night, the car I was in filled with a bright light.  I heard the Lord say: "Seppo, are you prepared for anything?"  I answered with a "yes."

I had been diagnosed with a lung disease, and smoking increased my risk of cancer 150-fold.  I had smoked for 40 years.  After being released from the hospital, the Lord spoke to me and said: "You went ten days without cigarrettes, and did not die."  That was the end of my smoking days.  Subsequently, it was discovered that my blood oxygenation levels went from 47% to 79%.

In every way, God's love became apparent in my life.  My wife received Jesus at the same time, and it brought peace and joy into our lives.  God has commissioned us to pray for others.  What a priceless treasure, to be an heir of God with Jesus!

If you need help in your life, ask your friends to pray for you.  Our Lord Jesus Christ has suffered the punishment even for your sins.

- Seppo Daavitsainen -

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