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Something missing

My interest in things of faith started one and a half years ago. I wanted to learn more on the basics of Christianity, so I took part in an Alpha course (a course where they discuss the basic truths of Christianity).

During the course my interest grew and I wondered what people might mean when they said they had received faith. It felt so distant and I hadn’t really understood the meaning of the word.

Little by little things became clearer. At some point a friend of mine from the Alpha course directed the following passage from the Bible, Romans 10:9, to me:

"If on your lips is the confession, ’Jesus is Lord’, and in your heart  the faith that God raised him from the dead, then you will find salvation.", Room. 10:9.

At last I realized that this was exactly what was missing. I lacked the confession of my faith. After this confession I got to experience this amazing peace in my heart and only then did I realize what living in faith is.


How to receive Jesus as my personal Saviour?
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