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Suosittele sivua!Who is Jesus Christ?


Jeesus tarjoaa sinulle elämän

Who Is He?

He is the son of God, the only begotten son of the Creator, God Almighty. Although He is called the Son of God, He is God himself. Since the Fall up to nowadays people had rebelled against God. In other words it means that people have sinned. About 2000 years ago Jesus was born as a human being on the earth to fix the rift between a man and the Lord. Jesus loved humankind, and that is why He gave up His right to be God. So He incarnated and took the shape of a human being. He lived His life to bring the message of forgiveness on the Earth. He lived a perfect humble life, but He died on the cross because of us and our sins. He did all of this so that everyone who believes in him will be saved and gets back to the relation with God. After three days God raised His Son from the dead and exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name.

He is true God and true human being. Who can feel our needs better than an other person? Who can help us better than the Creator himself? Jesus is praying even now for those who believe in him and He will take care of their needs forever. He will come back on the earth once again, but then He will arrive surrounded by the heavenly army to call for His believers to the heaven. Because of love for a mankind He has delayed His second arrival almost 2000 years, so that as many as possible could be saved.

What He Has Done for You?

God is righteous, therefore He do not leave the wickedness of people without conviction. However, He has always wanted to save people from conviction, and that is why He gave His only son as a sacrifice for every one of us. Jesus incarnated as a human being (an ordinary man). He lived a perfect life and filled all the requirements of God’s law. His living was good enough to God, but people did not want to receive him as the promised Saviour and Messiah (= King, who brings a peace to Jews). Instead of crowning Jesus to king, they convicted Jesus to death, only because He admitted that He is the son of the God. He suffered the most cruel and shameful death, what they had there in the Roman empire on those days. They crucified him in public between two criminals.

When Jesus was suffering on the cross, the darkness covered Jerusalem for hours. Christ suffered the punishment for the sin of the people; He bare the sin of many. Just before His death Jesus prayed on the cross: "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." After that He cried: "It is finished." And with that, He bowed His head and gave up His spirit.

At the moment of the Jesus’ death the curtain of the Jerusalem’s temple was torn in two from top to bottom. In Jewish temple sermons the curtain separated the holy part of temple from the most holy part, where only the high priest was allowed to visit once in a year. Now Jesus had fulfilled the Law and prepared the way to God for a human being. There was no longer use for the curtain. Jesus had prepared the way to God in His death on the cross. He was the final sin offering, because He was God and first truely sinless human being.

Jesus was buried in a tomb cut in the rock, which was sealed with a big stone in front of the entrance to the tomb. Roman soldiers kept guard over His tomb. Awhile Satan, who is the ruler of darkness, rejoiced in his victory over Christ, because He thought that Jesus had failed. But three days after Jesus’ death on the cross God raised him from the dead. Now Jesus is the risen Saviour. He got victory over death, sin, sickness and especially over Satan. During the days after his resurrection Jesus appeared hundreds of people and taught His disciples. When He had finished His mission on the earth, He returned to the heavens to God. Yet today He rules over the universe from the heavens.

God had no must to offer salvation to humankind. He saw that a man spoilt by sin could not return to him. As a Creator of the earth He could have devastated the whole universe and start everything all over again. But He loved His creation and that is why God had pity on humanity, and decided to give another chance to the humankind. He gave His only son as a sin offering for the sin of humanity, so that we might be saved based on the work of His son, Jesus Christ.

In the death of Jesus Christ the grace covered justice. God did not give us the condemnation, which belonged to us, but He gave us a chance to the better quality eternal live. We got something we did not deserve. Jesus redeemed His own people from subordination of sin by paying the highest price: He died for each of us.

What He Wants You to Do?

God’s proposal of salvation applies to everyone. As He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, He gives sinner capability to answer ‘yes’ to His proposal. He esteems a man’s will and lets everyone to make his personal decision. The salvation has already done completely. There is nothing to add it; you can just accept or reject the salvation through Jesus Christ. The atonement of Jesus is intended for everyone, but it works only with them who have accepted it. God stretches out His hand — it’s your decision to take God’s hand or not to take.

How to take God’s hand? Jesus told people to turn their back to sinful life and to turn to God. He told them to repent and believe in Jesus' name. God had kept it simple: to repent and believe in His name. There is no gain in salvation — God had done it all for you. You can just take the salvation from God’s hand. Just believe that Jesus Christ died for you, and you will receive the gift of forgiveness. Yes, it will be all yours! God asks you no gain, no deeds — on the contrary He does not need your deeds or explanations. By believing you stretch out your hand like a beggar requests a coin."Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.", John 1:12

When one experiences his guilt and repents evil deeds, it is good to him to know that He needs the atonement of Jesus to get a true peace of mind. He should be honest to himself, confess his weakness to God and turn away from sin. None of us can be saved through his deeds — everyone needs to turn to God by believing in Jesus and trusting him completely. There is only one way to get rid of the slavery of the sin — the Jesus is the way.

What it means to believe in Jesus Christ? The Bible tells us about living faith over against the dead intellectual faith. Living faith means believing with knowledge, acknowledgment and confidence. We can believe in something without ever accepting it as a fact. We can also accept some facts without ever counting on them. Living faith is something different. When you have the living faith, you believe in the message of the Bible, accept Jesus as your personal saviour and put all your hope on him. Often we are in the lack of faith, but fortunate God himself strengthens our belief every day. It is not the matter of how much faith you have, but it is the matter to whom you had put your faith.

Bound by guilt, I had no chance to make it thru.
You said "I will pay it, for you."
The hate was strong, but yet
it couldn't overcome your love.
You looked like a looser,
but you were not
'cause you came back again.

Ulf Christiansson

Five Steps to Salvation

What Do You Get from Him?

The most greatest gift God wants to give to you is the eternal life together with him and other believers. You will enjoy life, which quality surpasses your wishes. The eternal life is the topmost aim we have particularly, when we remember that there will be only two choices: the eternal life or the eternal doom and separation from God. This promise of God waits for its fulfillment during our migration on the earth, but we can now already watch the eternal life by the eyes of faith as a beautiful reality in future. It is there already, although we cannot see it yet.

Before the ascension Jesus promised Counselor, The Holy Spirit, to His congregation. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God, who affects among believers: He educates them, directs their ways, comforts them, strengthens their faith, heals their soul wounded by sin etc. The Holy Spirit is with us at every moment. He reminds us about the coming rejoicing in the eternity by giving us foretaste about it in our lives. He gives us many gifts, which we call spiritual gifts.

God knows the weakness of our sinful nature and our incompetence before Him. That is why He gives us new nature (=Spirit), a spiritual life. This gift is called ‘born again’ or 'born from above'. It is a sudden event as a human birth. When you born again, it does not mean loosing one's personality nor anything like it. You can see the relsult of new life, because the result shows up mainly as a change in the attitudes of living. The change dues to the fact that after rebirth you want to follow Jesus and you love him. The new nature, you have received as a gift, is turned to God and His values, not to sin as our old fallen nature, which is still there, unfortunately.

A believer is considered competent before God. God does not accept our sin, but He still convicts sin. However He forgives the believer his evil deeds, because He counts Jesus’ atonement to his credit. Now when God has declared the believer ‘not guilty’, he is innocent and clean in the sight of God in spite of his feelings. The believer is now innocent in God’s eyes, and that is why He declares him righteous. The believer is still does a sin, he do not live in sin anymore, because God has forgiven him and released him.

God does not leave a new believer on his own, but He adopts a reborn person as a child of his own. God is the great Father to him. This new position before God guarantees a believer a right to his inheritance, which is the eternal life. He might also approach to God as a child approaches his loving father. God listens to us. He listens our prayers and He knows perfectly our needs. Those prayers are not vain, because He is the God Almighty — there is nothing impossible to him.

The rebirth of the believer is a beginning to the new life. The believer starts to grow in direction of God. This process is called sanctification, which continues until we die. We do not become perfect nor even free from sin during our living on the earth, but the healing work of The Holy Spirit makes us to grow towards similitude of Jesus Christ. Not until there in eternity we will be completely like Jesus as a human being. We will not become God as Jesus is, but we will be exempted completely of sin and its curse as a Jesus-like human being.

No-one can save himself by deeds. The salvation is available through faith in Jesus Christ. Why then Christian people talk about the importance of the good deeds? The good deeds according to God’s will are the result of the step by step advancing sanctification and the new spirit as a gift from the Son. The atonement and belief are like the roots of a huge tree, from where the vital nourishment flows up. Good deeds are like the fruit of the tree. The fruits grow naturally based on the nourishment coming from the roots. So, the deeds do not cause a belief or the salvation, but the rebirth together with the work of The Holy Spirit causes the good deeds as a natural part of the new life.

Where from You Could Read More about Him?

The Bible is God’s message to the humankind. The Bible is true in every way. It tells us about salvation history from the creation of the world until the end of this age. The Bible contains the instructions we need to find the way back to God. The Bible tells us the will of the God and it gives us advises how to live in God’s will. For thousands of years the Bible has been guiding principle for those people, who have continued worshipping the Living God. The message of the Bible is still actual. We shall see the message in the biblical spirit to fit in our time and culture. We should ask The Holy Spirit to illuminate the message of the Bible to us, as He inspired those people, by whom the Bible has been written. The message of the Bible is still there for you and me.

However, the Bible is not a complete scientific description of the creation or the history of nations. The Bible is not meant to be read literally as in direct reply to all the problems of the world. It is rather like guiding principle or compass, which gives you the right direction. The Bible is God’s message, which tells us everything we need to know if we want to be saved from the eternal death. The Bible contains everything, what God wants people to know about him. Below this passage I have collected some verses, which tell you a little more about Jesus Christ and His message to you.

Life of Jesus
The Gospel of Mark

Following Jesus
John 6:35-40 ; Mt. 10:32-39 ; Mt. 28:16-20

How to talk with Jesus? (praying)
Mt. 6:5-15 ; Mt. 18:19-20 ; Luke 11:1-13 ; Luke 18:1-14 ; Luke 23:39-43 ;
John 17:1-26 ;Ps. 4:1-9

Eternal life with Jesus
To whom? John 3:14-17
What kind of life? Rev. 21:1-22:7

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